Focus on the production of high-pressure hose quality package testing

Release date:2020-6-2 10:28:36

High standard high-pressure rubber tube products should first have advanced production equipment. Our factory introduced large-scale knitting machines from South Korea as early as three years ago, imported 24 selected machines from the United States, and 10 full-automatic detection equipment. Among the newly added equipment, the rubber tube formula has been updated, which is more suitable for cold and freezing resistant weather in Northeast China.


Each link of the product's self compounding, rubber compounding and vulcanization production, molding, marking and testing has been strictly checked and tested by the staff, ensuring the availability of each meter of rubber tube. Although the economy is declining, the economy in 2015 and 2016 is relatively depressed, and we have the same low-key and high-quality products as people and things.


After the smooth steel wire rubber tube went on the market, Harbin Daqing Inner Mongolia users responded well to evaluate the additional orders.


The price of domestic products is quite different under the competition of the same industry. The price war has become the reality of the competition among enterprises. In order to retain more customers, some enterprises will not hesitate to offer at a price lower than the cost, but do not want to lose money later, so they can only make articles on the quality of products. The negative impact of this vicious competition is incalculable. The quality of high-pressure rubber hose is poor, the after-sales service can not keep up with it, and the reputation is low. From this point of view, the price war does not bring about the expansion of the market, but both sides suffer.


The company adheres to the attitude of pre-sale and after-sale responsibility to treat every user.


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