The use of refueling hose in automobile industry

Release date:2020-6-2 10:36:33

First of all, in August this year, the quality inspection department suggested that car owners should pay attention to check whether the fuel pipeline has cracks, bulges, deformation and other conditions in the process of daily maintenance of the vehicle. If the above conditions are found, they should be replaced as soon as possible. In addition, in the process of using the vehicle, if you smell the fuel or find that the vehicle has fuel leakage, you should immediately stop and check the fuel leakage point of the vehicle, and contact the maintenance shop to repair the vehicle.


Chongqing Chang'an Suzuki Automobile Co., Ltd. has recalled some swift, antelope and Tianyu cars since August 31 this year due to the problem of fuel hose. Replace the oil hose oil resistant rubber pipe as soon as possible.


Brake / wheel defects account for the second largest number of recalls, totaling 529000 vehicles, accounting for 26.5% of the total number of recalls. In the third place is the recall caused by the defect of power transmission system, totaling 420000 vehicles, accounting for 21% of the total number of recalls.


The main defects causing the recall include: electronic failure of DSG gearbox mechanical and electrical unit, unqualified forging process of drive half shaft joint, gearbox oil leakage, etc. The main defects caused by the recall include: the problem of the refueling hose, the problem of the engine rocker arm, the problem of the engine compartment fuse box, the design defect of the fuel tank sensor, etc.


Marine carrier based fighters usually need to refuel through partner refuelling and carrier based refuelling. However, partner refuelling and carrier based refuelling can only use hose refuelling system due to the size limitation of the aircraft on board, which makes it difficult for carrier based fighters to only use hose refuelling. The j-20 fighter must have made a choice in this respect.


Be sure to understand the key bending radius pressure, service length and installation requirements when selecting hoses! Once the model selection error will bring hidden danger to the equipment and running parts!

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