The trend of power coal industry will meet the rising form

Release date:2020-6-2 10:35:35

The trend of power coal industry will meet the rising form. One of the industries with large consumption of rubber products is the industrial and mining units. Coal industry is also a part of the whole economic form.


The coal used for power generation, locomotive propulsion, boiler combustion, etc. belongs to power coal. Power coal mainly includes: lignite, long flame coal, unbound coal, lean coal, gas coal and a small amount of anthracite. From the perspective of commercial coal, it mainly includes: washing mixed coal, washing medium coal, pulverized coal, pulverized coal, etc.


China's energy policy is summed up as "improving energy efficiency and reducing coal use", which is the general direction. Generally speaking, the decrease of coal price is beneficial for the masses of the people, and also beneficial for the long-term adjustment of the national energy structure, which is in line with the overall macro-control direction.


After the peak of coal demand in summer, the coal purchase intention of thermal power enterprises has declined. Zeng Hao, a power coal analyst at Fenwei energy consulting in Shanxi Province, believes that the coal consumption of power plants has declined significantly since September. As of September 20, the average daily coal consumption of major power plants in China is 3.45 million tons, 15.5% lower than that in August, basically falling to the level in June, indicating that the demand increase brought by high temperature weather has ended; after the inventory replenishment since September, the coal inventory of power plants The available days have recovered to about 20 days, which is at a relatively high level. Therefore, a small increase may be acceptable to the power plant. Once there is a continuous increase, the power plant can still reduce the purchase volume by consuming inventory.


As an observer of China coal transportation and Marketing Association, the coal market is finally "on fire". As long as Shenhua, China coal and Tongmei keep the price of power coal together, the power coal futures will increase immediately, and the market situation will be great.


Power coal futures are listed and chased by capital; Shenhua and China Coal take the lead in raising the price of power coal of multiple coal types; as well as the policy level of lignite import from zero tariff to the previous 30% tariff level; at the same time, the winter heating coal season in the north is coming, and the demand for winter coal storage is increasing; the Datong Qinhuangdao line ushers in the annual autumn overhaul, starting from the beginning of October, for 15 days It will ease the pressure of the northern port inventory, or it will form a certain support for the price of power coal around Bohai Sea.

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