High pressure rubber pipe for winding steel wire coal mine

Release date:2020-6-2 10:29:30

Mr. Wang from Ordos coal mine came to purchase the relevant products. The working pressure is 46MPA and the inner diameter is also 89. Considering the comprehensive and safety performance, the factory adopts 6-layer steel wire wound high-pressure rubber pipe with a length of 20 meters and a purchase quantity of 1000. The construction period is initially scheduled to be delivered in mid April. The company's production workshop is ready for the peak season More and more busy, the processing workshop has nearly a month without a rest day.


In the busy season, we promise to complete customer application tasks with quality and quantity guaranteed


How do friends choose manufacturers?


1. First of all, in the market with fierce price competition, no matter what products people buy, it is easy to get the goods directly from the manufacturers, eliminating the link of middlemen.


2. After confirming to choose the manufacturer, because not the same brand has a high and low price for the product, we can choose two or three to compare


3. After sales, the company's continuous development, in addition to the development of new customers, as well as the maintenance of old customers


The same quality than price, the same price than after-sales.


Our factory supplies coal mine, steel plant, chemical industry, engineering machinery and other units all year round.


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