The economic form of construction machinery manufacturing goes on and on

Release date:2020-6-2 10:29:54

Brief introduction of mechanical manufacturing pipe fitting assembly is the main piping part in the construction machinery industry. In the manufacturing process of construction machinery, there are two main problems that cause the application of information management system in construction machinery manufacturing enterprises to fail to meet the ideal requirements: one is the lack of talents. In most manufacturing enterprises, at present, the understanding of advanced management concept of domestic high-pressure rubber tube enterprises of construction machinery is not deep, and some companies that establish management information system for construction machinery manufacturing enterprises do not provide proper help for enterprise management reform, and it is difficult for domestic manufacturing enterprises to fully follow the lean production mode, while research and development links and manufacturing The systematic disconnection of links is a common problem for enterprises in this industry. This is not only because of the shortcomings of the technical interface, China's large-scale manufacturing enterprises started to establish management information system a few years ago, but at the beginning of the establishment there was no clear it plan. Most enterprises do not set up a whole set of systems at one time, but set up a subsystem at intervals, which also leads to the problems of poor system connection and conflict with business process. After discovering the problems, many enterprises began to think of establishing the overall it plan.


Some of them are even based on the current situation of enterprise management, which leads to the unsatisfactory effect of many enterprises' application of management information system.


It talents don't understand the management business, and the management talents don't understand the information technology thoroughly, which makes it difficult to realize the ideal state of integration and coordination in all aspects of manufacturing enterprise management informatization. The second is the lack of understanding of the great value that information management can bring to enterprises. As a traditional manufacturing industry, the construction machinery manufacturing industry pays more attention to the investment of production equipment than the enterprise informatization.


It is understood that according to the agreement, the manufacturers of construction machinery and industrial vehicles will be able to enjoy one-stop service of type test and CE certification at the same time, greatly saving the time and economic cost of applying for the two services, bringing great convenience to the enterprise and realizing great benefits. Therefore, Fujian special inspection institute has become a special inspection institution that can provide type test and CE certification for construction machinery and industrial vehicles in China. This move aims to integrate professional technical service resources and provide customers with high-quality and competitive "one-stop" value-added technical services.

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