How to better understand the high-pressure hose?

Release date:2020-6-2 10:30:42

The main difference between domestic and imported high-pressure rubber hose is the product formula and manufacturing process.


In such a large rubber industry, it is necessary to avoid the situation of a mixture of fish and dragons. We will explain in detail which methods may help users select good products for appearance inspection. We can see the methods that can be operated manually: 1. Whether the inner rubber is degummed or not. The degumming is due to too many formulas of mixed and inferior rubber. 2. Whether the inner rubber layer is uniform is related to the equipment modulation. A good product should be that the inner rubber layer is tight and uniform. 3. Use your fingers to pinch off the glue layer. It's elastic! 4. The high brightness is glue 5, invisible method test. Under the national standard of pressure test, the test pressure is required to be twice of the working pressure, and the bursting pressure is required to be 3-4 times. It needs to be identified by the relevant departments. It can't be seen under normal conditions, and it's not allowed to just read the manufacturer's written words.


Well, the user can buy a better high-pressure hose after mastering a simple identification method.

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